About Us

Have You Ever Asked

  • How to identify if the equipment purchased is for right application?
  • Why does it take so long to purchase consumables and lab materials?
  • Why does such purchase have complex procedures and piling paperwork?
  • If there are better alternatives at affordable prices?
  • Why latest developments in technology are not helping us to simplify such procedures?
  • Why communicate many times back and forth about my order status?

What is Sciana?

Sciana: “Procuring made easy” “Sci + ana” represents our portfolio of products i.e. scientific and analytical fields. Our platform consists of variety of instruments ranging from simple meters to sophisticated equipment that are widely used in pharma, medical, research and academical fields. We have a collection of products that are manufactured and represented by local, national and international brands providing options for B2B as well as B2C clients with price variants to choose from as per their requirements.

Why Sciana?

In the advent of digitization and e-commerce boom affecting the everyday purchases across different sectors of the industry, we discovered that pharma, medical, research and academia can also be benefited. But in order to implement things within such vast industries at a larger scale there is a need to disrupt the existing third party or middlemen system as well as create trust within to exchange goods of higher value proportion following existing regulations, guidelines as per standards.

To make sure of addressing the above mentioned points we are bringing a platform that works on the principles of openness and transparency with respect to displayed products, prices, payment system and their applications. We also implemented a credit based payment system where our clients from B2B and B2C can avail upon crossing certain set limits of total order value by paying back the total invoice billing amount after selected amount of time period inclusive of additional interest charges for that particular agreed time period on their consent.

Our Mission

Given the current complexities of obtaining such equipments and various facets effecting the entire cost of obtaining even simple lab materials individually or in bulk, we would like to simply and streamline the process such that our customers doesn’t have to face delays, hefty paperwork, complex procedures and frequent enquires about their order status which results in their overall efficiency along with work productivity.

Our Vision

To disrupt the existing scientific and analytical equipments acquisition system and simplify the purchasing procedures using e-commerce based platform consisting of digital payment methods.